Viper has launched the SmartStart for iPhone application that enables you to start your car remotely, through your own iPhone. However, there's a catch, you have to have installed on your car a Viper alarm system for it to work. The Viper SmartStart iPhone application includes a program for your phone and a module that has to be linked to your car alarm. The Viper SmartStart does not only start your car, it also starts your heating and AC systems as you need them.

In order for it to work, you do not to be in the range of you car. If your vehicle has a cellular phone signal, you can start it from anywhere. this however makes us wonder. what if you're on holiday 500 miles away from you car and you accidentally start it without knowing it...

The Viper SmartStart for iPhone application price is just under 300 USD. Watch a demonstration of the system in the video after the jump.


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