CT&T is a Korean company that makes tiny electric cars. You may have read about them on Autoblog Green. And if you did read about about CT&T's current products, you will know that we don't think very much of them. The truth, or a close approximation of it? They strike us as all-weather golf carts.

However, three new CT&T cars just got themselves debuted here at the Detroit Auto Show and we gotta be honest, we're mostly smitten with what we're seeing. First up is the C Squared – though the name might actually be "C Square" – we'll let you know. Anywho, the C Squared is a "creative electric sport [sic] car" that comes with a folding hard top as well as the ability to hit 95 mph. Sure, the nose is rather tragic looking but the back end's pretty good. Our biggest gripe? The $50,000 asking price.

Multi Amphibious Vehicle FTW! Now you're talking our language. Seriously, can you think of anything wrong with a six-wheeled, four-passenger electric amphibious car that goes 40 mph on land and 95 mph on the water? Neither can we! Now, some of you party-pooper types might be shaking your heads and saying "95 mph on the water? No frackin' way!" But rather than face reality we'll just stick to what we get accused of – regurgitating press releases. Says 95 mph in black and white. Also, check out how excellent this is, "...letting you enjoy all-around activities in resorts, fields, etc."

Next up is the E-Zone Plus... and, uh, yeah. It has three-doors, will eventually have five-doors, and as the press release says, "headlights." No, really. That's what it says. Moving on.
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