The best means to get rid of the smell of sweat .. Get rid of sweat
Get rid of sweat

Often associated with summer smell of sweat, especially in enclosed spaces and crowded due to rising temperatures and rising humidity becomes to get rid of the smell of sweat even more difficult, despite the use of deodorants only a temporary solution that limited duration.
Therefore offering you "are" useful natural ways to get rid of this annoying problem and embarrassing:
1 - Use cucumber juice manner fat because it contains magnesium which is a natural way to remove the smell of sweat.
2 - apple cider vinegar: You can use apple cider vinegar in the paint area under the armpits to get rid of the smell of sweat and will feel when used (burning sensation) is simple in the skin, but it disappears quickly.
3 - turnip juice: a national era some fruits turnips for water fill two tablespoons of juice and juice in Use this paint underarms, after taking a bath water will disappear stench for a long time.
4 - Luz: Rub toothpaste place sweating bitter almonds to mitigate and modify odor, and sweet almond eaten to relieve race.
5 - must constantly remove hair from under the armpit and sensitive area because the presence of hair helps to increase sweating and be bacteria and accumulation appears smell of sweat breath.
6 - You can remove the smell of sweat-absorbing materials using race as talcum powder starch baking soda similarities fennel where placed after a bath areas that sweat more than others, such as armpits, feet and below the chest between the toes and sensitive area ..
The body of perfume in more summer days heat
The proper nutrition to remove the smell of sweat finally, it must focus on:
1 - lot of eating fruits and green leafy vegetables such as spinach Elorovil rich parsley lettuce watercress ... etc..
2 - Avoid eating garlic fries onion meat eating foods high in fat Foundry caffeinated beverages sugar products factory because it increases the sweating again and again.
3 - Drink plenty of water every day helps reduce the concentration of urea, because that cause unpleasant smell of sweat and shower immediately after sweating.
Wear cotton clothing is useful in reducing the problem of race because it absorbs sweat and reduces friction.


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