Which is better for you IKEA bedrooms or Bedrooms Fitted
IKEA or Fitted bedroom furniture
Fitted bedroom
Fitted bedroom

Fitted bedroom

Fitted bedroom

Fitted bedroom
Fitted Bedrooms

Each of our furniture bedroom Fitted to measure in our workshop in Bishopbriggs. This allows us design the unit and fit clothes and furniture to any shape or size room.

We offer our 2000 different methods different set of doors and drawers with a wide of color finishes of timeless look of Oak to natural tones of Pearwood.

Our range of door slab Pinnacle group of 30 different finishes Polished flannel to black walnut.

Installation of approximately 3 weeks of placing orders



Do you go for IKEA or fitted bedroom furniture? Resolution down quite a lot for the budget, whether you own your own property and appreciate what space if you are within your bedroom

IKEA positives

- Cheaper than Fitted bedroom
- Less time-consuming to choose furniture
- You can build yourself so it's faster available
- And can easily be thrown away and replaced

Positives bedroom Fitted

- And the quality of the furniture is of a higher level
- You can get a custom built furniture for your room
- Fitted bedroom furniture is more durable, and comes with a guarantee
- Furniture will add value to your property

What do you think? IKEA or bedroom Fitted ?


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